Designing and Experimenting Semi-automatic Green Grass Jelly Squeezer

Zaqlul Iqbal, Drupadi Ciptaningtyas


In Indonesia, green grass jelly is widely known as traditional drink obtained from soaking grass jelly leaves in the water. Nowadays, the production process of grass jelly was conducted manually, which consumes lots of time and energy. Therefore, this research aimed to design a semi-automatic green grass jelly squeezer to accelerate and simplify the production process. Moreover, the squeezer performance and several quality parameters of the jelly produced by the squeezer were examined. The designing process of green grass jelly squeezer was conducted through several stages. Those were concept design, manufacture and assembled stage, performance test, modification, and examination. The result shows that the most efficient production process was at 6000 RPM and the digital value of 540. The measurements of Soluble Solid (SS) and gel strength show that jelly produced by the squeezer has higher SS and Fmax than the control. The sensory evaluation shows jelly with the digital value of 520 get the best consumer acceptance, which means the consumer prefer neither too dense nor too solid green grass jelly. The result shows that no effect of digital value and RPM on syneresis examination.


grass jelly; semi-automatic; squeezer

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