Synthesis of Cuprum (Cu) Layer by Electrodeposition Method with Theobroma cacao Peels as Corrosion Protector of Steel

Nurry Putri Tissos, Yuli Yetri, Dahyunir Dahlan


Corrosion is a natural phenomenon that can not be prevented the process of occurrence, but the timing may be delayed. Various efforts have been made in reducing the impact of losses caused by corrosion. One such effort is to coat the metal surface with a thin layer. As well as other efforts is to use an inhibitor. Efforts have been made to reduce the impact of corrosion loss by synergizing surface coating and using of inhibitors. Deposition of a thin layer of Cu using electrodeposition method with 0.05 M CuSO4.5H2O electrolyte solution and addition of inhibitor of Theobroma cacao peels extract. In this research has been done some variation that is variation of electrodeposition time and variation of concentration of inhibitor of Theobroma cacao peels extract. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) characterization shows electrodeposition of a thin layer of Cu for three minutes, a voltage of three volts, and with the addition of an inhibitor of Theobroma cacao peels extract 1% producing a smooth, homogeneous and more uniform surface morphology. Based on the result of characterization with X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) obtained steel surface at electrodeposition with the addition of an inhibitor of Theobroma cacao peels extract, there are sharper peaks of Cu. Based on the corrosion test obtained value of Inhibition Efficiency inhibitor of Theobroma cacao peels extract amounted to 69.4% with the addition of 1%, and 81.9% with the addition of inhibitor 1.5%.  Based on this, inhibitor of Theobroma cacao peels extract can reduce the attack rate of corrosion on the steel surface in corrosive media HCl 1N.


electrodeposition; theobroma cacao peels; corrosion; inhibition efficiency

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