Work System Improvement for A Sugarcane Block Enterprise using 10 Physical Ergonomic Principles

Difana Meilani, Hilma Raimona Zadry, Dina Rahmayanti, Dendi Adi Saputra


Nagari Bukik Batabuah is located in Agam, West Sumatra is one of the most significant regions, which produces sugarcane block named saka. Since the taste is lovely and delicious, the demand for it is high. Unfortunately, the processing of saka sugarcane was not supported by excellent facilities and infrastructure. This study analyses the saka workstations in Agam, West Sumatra and recommends some improvement to the working system. Ten physical ergonomic principles were applied in sugar mill workstation, boiling workstation, and saka molding workstation for improvement. It was found that all the workstations need to have more working facilities. In mining workstation, ergonomic chairs and stacks cane container was designed. Furthermore, an ergonomic cane-grinding machine was also proposed in the milling workstation. Meanwhile in the boiling workstation; cane stirrer, a small stool, and windows were designed. Gloves, lights, tools for changing the working facilities were also proposed to be used. A laying cane, a small stool, and saka pouring were designed for molding workstation.


Work system; Sugarcane; Ergonomic; Small and Medium Enterprise.

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development