Optimization of Business Partners Feasibility for Oil Palm Revitalization Using Fuzzy Approach

Juliza Hidayati, Sukardi Sukardi, Ani Suryani, Sugiharto Sugiharto, Anas M.Fauzi


Resource potential of North Sumatra supports the idea to make North Sumatra as a national barometer of oil palm. The development of agro-CPO and its derivatives have great potential to grow rapidly because it is still 5.5% of the area planted with oil palm than 133 million hectares of potential land. Efforts to strengthen the availability of raw materials for CPO agroindustry and its derivatives by conducting Plantation Revitalization required with financial support from the banking system. Program of Plantation Revitalization is an effort to accelerate the development of smallholders through the expansion, replanting and rehabilitation of plantation-backed loans and investment of banking and interest subsidy by the government involving plantation companies as partners of the development, processing and marketing. The role of banks is quite large, but face problems of the large risks involved and the complexity of processes. Methode of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Inference System integrated in the studies conducted. In AHP Fuzzy method, based on expert opinion the weighting criteria is resulting. Weighting being input to the FIS method to determine the feasibility of plantation companies as business partners to obtain credit financing. The study results show that not only financial performance but also non-financial performance should be taken into account in determining the creditworthiness of Revitalization Plantation program.


Plantation Revitalization; Banking Risk; Credit Eligibility; Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process; Fuzzy Inference System.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.3.2.294


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