Development of IoT Service Classification Algorithm for Integrated Service Platform

Daewon Lee, Kinam Park


Recently, with the appearance of the IoT paradigm, the existing Internet environment has changed with various things that connect with the Internet. The IoT paradigm is applied to various service such as smart homes, building management, surveillance services, smart farm, and so on. The environment of IoT services concerned on communication and interaction processes between different devices. To solve these complex problems, many researchers and service providers are focused on integrated service platform. However, previous studies did not consider problems such as service similarity and module reusability. In this paper, we focused on classification of services for providing reusability. And we propose classification algorithm that is based on detail operation steps of IoT services. To proof proposed classification algorithm, surveyed over 100 commercial IoT services are classified into 19 groups. The experimental results present each group is grouped together by their purpose.


Internet of Things(IoT); Integrated Service Platform; Service Classification; Module Reusability; Service Similarity;

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