Planning of City Transportation Infrastructure Based on Macro Simulation Model

Joni Arliansyah, Muhammad Rizky Prasetyo, Astri Yuli Kurnia


Palembang City having an area of 358.55 km2 with a total population of approximately 1.8 million people is one of the main cities in Indonesia. A city transport modelling is important in a city transportation planning particularly to overcome the existing transportation problem such as traffic congestion. In this study Palembang City transportation model was developed was developed using the PTV Visum Program whose transportation modelling was based on the four-step model of transportation. The result of the study shows that the developed model has an excellent reliability in representing the transportation conditions in Palembang and it also indicates that Palembang required bridges connecting between Ulu and Ilir areas of Palembang to overcome traffic congestion in Palembang City. Ideally, in 2022 Palembang will have had 4 connecting bridges and 5 bridges in 2027.The construction of an additional bridge helps to reduce the traffic load on the existing bridge (Ampera), which was built in 1965 and helps spread the traffic load in the city of Palembang


Transport modelling; Visum; Trip Assignment

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