Prototype of Parking Finder Application for Intelligent Parking System

Lana Benny, Prashant Kumar Soori


This paper explains the design and fabrication of an intelligent, user-friendly parking system developed in the United Arab Emirates. The need for a smart parking system was assessed by conducting a survey on the current parking issues. This paper elaborates on the hardware and software realization of the proposed parking system developed for motorists to locate vacant parking using mobile application. The various types of vehicle detection sensors available in the market have been evaluated for the implementation of the system. The main objective of this paper is to build a prototype intelligent parking system with maximum accuracy. The goal of the project was to control the detection modules wirelessly through a customized mobile application, allowing ease of operation and maintenance. While the users can enjoy better comfort and safety, the focus is to create a self-reliable, and ecologically sustainable system while reducing searching time, fuel wastage resulting in lower carbon footprint. The mobile application has been developed using Android Studio, and the results are presented in this paper.


Mobile application; Parking system; Real-time data transfer; Ultrasonic sensor

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