New Solutions for Instant Payment Problems in Indonesia

Bambang Robi'in, Leonardus Ari Wardana, - Suyoto


Instant payment is a growing payment method in e-commerce in Indonesia. These service providers are generally national banks. Technically instant payment services is web services or APIs provided by the Bank to access e-commerce applications belong to a merchant or marketplace when the buyer wants to make a payment. A problem sometimes arises when the payment transaction is done at the payment gateway but did not succeed in the transaction status update section e-commerce applications. One of the causes of this failure is the internet connection is not stable. This condition causes the customer to the bank acount balance is reduced but the purchase transaction in the status of unpaid. Methods of research conducted through three stages of data collection and analysis, schematic design solutions, and evaluation.In the interview we found that 4 out of 10 people we interviewed using the instant payment has experienced such failures, to improve the condition necessary a mechanisms troublesome and takes a long time. This papper propose a payment scheme with an additional mechanism to resolve the issue. The results showed that the scheme proposed in this study has a good performance in overcoming the problem of instant payment.


e-commerce; instant payment; internet banking; e-payment scheme.

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