Comparative Study on Control Method for Two-Mass Systems

Mohd Fitri Mohd Yakub, Abdul Qadir, B. A. Aminudin


This paper presents study review on control method for two-mass systems either in speed control or position control. The systems should be modeled as two-mass or multi-mass systems when flexible couplings or long shaft with low stiffness are used to connect the actuator with other elements. Due to this, the finite but small elasticity of the shaft gets magnified and has a vibrational effect on the load position which may reduce positioning accuracy. This vibration gives the unstable performance response of the plant. Many control method have been developed to solve this problem are studied. On the other hand,  one-mass system is only applicable in the case a rigid coupling with high stiffness is used and there are no flexible elements. Fundamental concept of two-mass systems and their control method are reviewed and explained either in linear or rotary systems.


two-mass systems; speed control; position control; literature review

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