Structure Analysis at the Micro Iron Pour at Gray Brake

Melya D. Sebayang, Amir Hamzah, Bintang Unggul Prawirawan


The use of gray cast iron brake drum as the material is the most appropriate choice, because it has properties which have good heat conductivity, hardness, toughness, good friction properties and the ability to absorb vibration. The purpose of this study to determine the ratio of the microstructure on both original material drum that is new and original drum ex-wear. With the aim of analysis is expected to be used as basis in planning the development of better vehicle brakes. Of all the test results it can be mentioned chemical composition of test results with the main alloying elements, to drum new original: C 4:13%, 2:51% Si, 0.15% S, 0.65% Mn, 0.0054% P, and the original drum ex-wear: C 4:13%, 2:17% Si, 0.15% S, 0.53% Mn, 0.0054% P. So the comparison of properties of the resulting structure after the testing process on each drum is the hardness and resistance to wear and tear on a new original drum better when compared with the original drum ex-wear.


material brake; gray iron castings; structures

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