Investigating of the Effect of Rectangular and Trapezium Cross Section of Gating System by CFD Simulation in Cooling of Aluminium Alloy in a Permanent Mould Casting

N. A. Chowdhury, Arif M Khan, M. N. Mahmood, Md. Anayet U. Patwari


This paper presents a systemic study of the effect of different cross section of gate in permanent mould casting of aluminium alloy. To ensure best quality of the product the mould cavity must be filled with clean metal in a controlled manner to ensure smooth, uniform and complete filling. A gating system controls smooth, uniform and complete filling of the cavity by the molten metal. In this paper, CFD models illustrating the effect of rectangular and trapezium cross sections of gating on cooling of Aluminium alloy in a permanent mould casting were investigated. Same hydraulic diameter was assigned for each of the cross section of gating systems. Bottom gating system is used for its low gas entrapment and less surface defect characteristics. By analyzing it has been observed that in rectangular cross section the cooling is more rapid than trapezium cross sections considered in the investigation.


Permanent mould casting; gating system; aluminium alloy; CFD simulation

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