Nonparametric Regression Mixed Estimators of Truncated Spline and Gaussian Kernel based on Cross-Validation (CV), Generalized Cross-Validation (GCV), and Unbiased Risk (UBR) Methods

Vita Ratnasari, I Nyoman Budiantara, Andrea Tri Rian Dani


Nowadays, most nonparametric regression research involves more than one predictor variable and generally uses the same type of estimator for all predictors. In the real case, each predictor variable likely has a different form of regression curve so that if it is forced, it can produce an estimation form that does not match the data pattern. Thus, it is necessary to develop a regression curve estimation model under the data pattern, namely the mixed estimator. The focus of this study is an additive nonparametric regression model, a mix of the Truncated Spline and Gaussian Kernel. There is a knot point in the Truncated Spline, while in the Gaussian Kernel, there is bandwidth. To choose the optimal knot point and bandwidth in a mixed estimator model, various methods can be used, including Cross-Validation (CV), Generalized Cross-Validation (GCV), and Unbiased Risk (UBR). This research proposes the optimal knot point and bandwidth estimation on the mixed estimator Truncated Spline and Gaussian Kernel model. Furthermore, the comparison between CV, GCV, and UBR is used to validate the proposed method. The simulation study was carried out by generating the Truncated Spline function and the Gaussian Kernel on a combination of sample size variations and variances. The simulation results show that the GCV method provides a higher coefficient of determination (R2) value and better accuracy for each combination of sample sizes and variance variations.


Cross-validation; generalized cross-validation; mixed estimators; unbiased risk.

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