Sexuality Among Senior High School Students in Papua and West Papua Provinces, Indonesia

Wienta Diarsvitri, Iwu Dwisetyani Utomo


High risk sexual behaviors have been found in some cultures in Papuan and West Papuan Provinces. Using qualitative and quantitative data, we explore perspectives and experiences on sexuality, alcohol use, contraceptive use, unintended pregnancy and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases among 1,082 Year 11 students from 16 senior high schools in Papua and West Papua Provinces, Indonesia. The data were based on the 2009 Reducing the Risk of HIV/AIDS Intervention Trial for Young Papuan Study. Our results indicated that around 38.3% of students reported having sexual intercourse. It was also found the relationship between alcohol use and premarital sexual intercourse. The contraceptive use was very low, 31.8% of female students who had sexual intercourse experienced unintended pregnancy, and majority of students who reported experiencing symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases also reported having sexual intercourse.


Young people; sexuality; premarital sex

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development