Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of Crack Depth and Crack Opening On the Girder

Md. Kamrul Hassan, Muhammad Fauzi Mohd Zain, Maslina Jamil


In order to identify the effect of crack depth and opening on the girder, finite element method (FEM) has been used in this paper. In FE analysis, six nodded two dimensional plane elements (PLANE-2) are considered. Each node has two degree of freedom such as UX and UY. For the plane elements, a plane stress width/thickness option is chosen. For analytical model of crack of the concrete bridge girder, crack opening was increased from 0.2 mm to 1mm at an interval 0.2 mm and crack depth also increased from 30 mm to 150 mm at an interval 30 mm. The models were discreatized by a triangular mesh and convergence test was executed to obtain satisfactory results from the Plane-2 element. From the numerical result, it is seen that the principal stress become a higher with increased the crack depth and also crack opening with respect to load increasing. But the crack depth at 90 mm and crack opening at 0.6 mm, it has more effect on the girder because the stress concentration is higher than other crack depth and opening.


Finite Element Analysis; Crack Opening & Crack Depth

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