An Experimental Study into Behaviour of Circular Footing on Reinforced Soil

D.M. Dewaikar, K.G. Guptha, H.S. Chore


The experimental investigations are reported on the study of load-deformation behavior of a model circular footing on reinforced soil in respect of two-layered system comprising clay as sub-grade and mine waste as backfill material. The footing was subjected to axial load. Two different types of reinforcing materials such as Kolon Geo-grid (KGR-40) and rubber grids derived out of waste tyres were used in the study. The study revealed appreciable increase in ultimate bearing pressure and decrease in settlement with the provision of a single layer reinforcement. Further, rubber grid performed better than the Geo-grid in respect to BCR and SRF. The study indicates significance of solid waste materials such as mine wastes and discarded tyres as effective civil engineering construction materials.


Bearing Pressure; Bearing Capacity Ratio (BCR); Settlement Reduction Factor (SRF); Tyre Wastes

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development