Modelling of 0.5HP Induction Motor using AC Analysis Solver for Rotor Copper Bar material

Ismail Daut, Nair Gomesh, M. Ezanni, Yanawati Yahaya, Nor Shafiqin Shariffuddin, Mohd Irwan Yusoff, M. Irwanto


In this paper a FEM model of a three phase 0.5HP squirrel-cage induction motor is modelled by using FEM software. The model is then used to analyze and investigate the performance of the induction machine using copper rotor bar compared to the conventional aluminium rotor bar material. Calculation using analytical tools could not calculate precisely the required parameters in order to obtain an optimal model to build a prototype model. That is why FEM software has been used to obtain the required data such as the torque vs. speed, torque vs. slip, power loss vs. speed and power loss vs. slip. This work gives some reviews of the advantages by substituting copper for aluminum in the rotor bar of squirrel cage induction motor as a main strategy toward reaching substantially higher efficiency.


Induction Motor; FEM; Torque; Speed; Losses; Copper rotor

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development