Robustness Analysis of Speed Control Method to Drive AC/DC Motor

- Irianto, Farid Dwi Murdianto, Epyk Sunarno, - Yusra


The development of industry in Indonesia has an impact on the increasing use of electric motors. There are two main types of motors, DC motor, and AC motor. Both motors have different characteristics according to the settings and controls. Proportional Integral control and Proportional Integral Derivative control are used for setting motor speed. This control has control parameters that are Kp, Ti, and Td. These parameters are derived from derivatives of mathematical calculations on the conventional PI and PID methods. However, determining these parameters can also be done with other methods. There are 4 PI and PID tuning methods t used to get effective control parameters and have the best performance: Ziegler Nichols tuning method, Chien Servo 1 tuning method, Chien Regulator 1 tuning method, and the last is mathematical calculation theory. The result is the best tuning method for DC Motor is the Chien Regulator 1 tuning method with a value of Kp = 5,601 and Ki = 56,01. And for induction motor, the best tuning method with PI control is Chien servo 1 tuning method with Kp = 0,433 and Ki = 4,163, and for PID control, the best tuning method is the Ziegler Nichols tuning method with Kp = 1,4833, Ki = 98,89 and Kd = 0,052, and get a steady-state error approximately is 4%. And when given the interference to the rotor of the motor, the Ziegler Nichols tuning method is the fastest to return the response to the steady state condition.


Induction motor; DC motor; PI controller; PID controller; chien regulator; chien Servo; Ziegler Nichols.

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