Design and Simulation of Single-Stage Single-Switch Input-Current Shaping Circuit for AC/DC Converter Based on PWM Technique

Mahmoud Milad Alageli, Moustafa Mohamed Abdalla, Amer Zerek


In this paper a simple single-stage single-switch input-current shaping (S4ICS) circuit was designed, simulated and tested for AC/DC converter which generates input current harmonics due to its non-linear characteristics. A sinusoidal input current with nearly unity distortion factor was achieved through current harmonics mitigation by using PWM boost regulator. The circuit utilizes the charging and discharging increments of boost inductor current to shape a sinusoidal input current. Inductor current was controlled by means of PWM controller. The controller accepts two feed back signals, the first is the inductor current and the other is the output voltage of the AC/DC converter. The simulation results of fast fourier transform FFT show a grate reduction in current harmonic which in turns tends to a grate improvement in power factor and the sinusoidal shape of input current.


Boost regulator; Continuous conduction mode; Current harmonics; Current shaping; Power factor; Pulse width modulation

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