The greenBag, the New Solution in Waste Separation

Paolo Sperandio, Massimiliano De Luca, Alexandro Catini


The greenBag is an innovative households’ Used Cooking Oil (UCO) disposal solution aiming to allow the collection of this feedstock interesting European but also Chinese and US market. The possibility to collect UCO produced by households represents the possibilities to increase the amount of biodiesel, respecting the ILUC directive, of the 60%. So far, there are no concrete solutions able to properly respond to this need, due to their huge prizes and due to the low performances, they provide. greenBag is a solution coming from an intensive research activity completed by an infield validation. It has been designed to reply to all the requirements coming from families and from the waste management companies, the two actors involved in UCO disposal. Indeed, two different types of users in general, and in particular the UCO collection, characterize waste collection solutions: families - that want simple solutions, easy to use and able to reward them; waste collection companies – that want cheap solutions, able to trace waste disposals and able to assure them a high quality of wastes. The currently available market solutions are all focused on waste companies and the current innovative ideas designed by Universities and Startups focus their attention only on one of the two involved actors. greenBag is currently the sole solution that aims to satisfy both actors, exploiting the disposal traceability not only to know how many waste people produces but also to quantify their efforts and making them aware about the overall disposal process.


UCO; used cooking oils; biodiesel; circular economy; separation of waste.

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