The Effect of Alfisol Soil Quality Improvement Using Filter Cake, Bagasse, and Dolomite Ameliorant on Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Production

- Kaharuddin, - Dahlan, Faisal Hamzah, Nur Anny Suryaningsih Taufieq


Alfisol is the type of soil can be formed widespread in Indonesia, that has low soil quality low pH and nutrients characterized it. To improve the quality this soil, need adding ameliorant materials, i.e., filter cake, bagasse, and dolomite. The research aimed to determine the effect of dolomite dosage, the kinds of organic matter, and its interaction on the soil quality improvement and growth and production of peanuts. The research was arranged according to split-plot design, kinds of organic matter as main plots [bagasse (B1) and filter cake (B2)] with 5,000 kg ha-1 dosage, and dolomite as subplots [0 kg ha-1 (D0), 3,000 kg ha-1 (D1), 6,000 kg ha-1 (D2), and 9,000 kg ha-1 (D3)] with four replications. Parameters were measured were: soil pH, C-organic, total N, P2O5, K, K2O, Ca, Mg, Na, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and base saturation percentage (BSP), the weight of dry pods, the weight of dry beans, and weight of 100 beans. The data were analyzed using analysis of variance followed by Duncan's Multiple Range Test (DMRT) α 0.05. The results showed that filter cake and dolomite 9,000 kg ha-1 dosage have the best results to improve soil quality and on peanut production. The interaction between organic matter and dolomite have not significant effect of improving soil quality and on peanut production. By combining filter cake and dolomite 9,000 kg ha-1(B2D3) treatment, have the best result in production.


alfisol soil quality; filter cake; bagasse, dolomite; peanut production.

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