Differences Phsyco-Chemical Characteristic of Repeatedly Frying Oil Used for Banana and Chicken

Andi Abriana, Saiman Sutanto, Nurlita Pertiwi


One of the habits in the food processor is the use of cooking oil repeatedly. The long-term and repeated use of cooking oil causes a change in the physicochemical properties of oil and can affect the quality of food products produced. This study focused on the physicochemical properties of repeated frying oil in two types of foodstuffs, namely banana, and chicken. The research variables that represent physicochemical properties are free fatty acid, smoke point, and color. Free fatty acid was measured using titration method, and the smoke point was measured using Cleveland method. The color was evaluated by UV-Vis Spectrophotometric method. The results showed that the repetition deep frying for chicken and banana increased free fatty acids, decreased the smoke point and changed the color of cooking oil. There was a significant change of physicochemical properties in chicken and banana repeatedly frying oil. The first frying of chicken causes a significant change in the oil properties and the third frying of banana shows a significant change in oil properties. This study revealed that the free fatty acids of oil increased ranging from the first to the fifth frying either oil for the fried bananas or the fried chicken. This study also exposed that the chemical characteristic of fried chicken oil was higher than fried banana oil. The smoke point of fried banana oil is higher than fried chicken oil. The deep of fried banana oil has similar absorbance value in the first frying. The value increased based on increasing the frequency of frying repetition. 


free fatty acid; smoke point; frying oil.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.9.4.8701


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