Implementation of Data Abstraction Layer Using Kafka on SEMAR Platform for Air Quality Monitoring

Yohanes Yohanie Fridelin Panduman, Mochamad Rifki Ulil Albaab, Adnan Rachmat Anom Besari, Sritrusta Sukaridhoto, Anang Tjahjono, Rizqi Putri Nourma Budiarti


Urbanization and fast-growing industries causing air quality in urban areas to be bad and even tend to be dangerous. In addition, the largest percentage of energy emissions come from the transportation sector, specifically on road transportation. Therefore, the need for a quality detection system that is capable of distributing and displaying large data information in real-time cannot be resolved by the system currently used by the government. This research offers a solution to the implementation of data abstraction in cloud computing which is built using the concept microservice architecture and integrated with mobile-based sensors to detect air quality in real-time. This solution consists of integrated cloud computing services using Smart Environment Monitoring and Analytical in Real-time (SEMAR) and Vehicles as Mobile Sensor Networks (VaaMSN) to detecting air quality. SEMAR was built with microservice references consist of data abstraction, communication, data analytical with business analytics proccess, data storage with Big data service and also real-time visualization in maps, chart, and table through dasboard website. Through the experiments that we did show that the microservice of data abstraction layer can be installed at the SEMAR stage indicating that the average delay in sending information is around 0.09 ms (90μs), this indicates that the system can be said to be real-time. With specific and real-time locations in data visualization, the government can use this method as an new alternative method of air quality.


cloud computing; air quality; Kafka; data abstraction; internet of things.

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