Critical Information for Vietnamese Economy Aiming at a Strategic Breakthrough as Approaching the Industry 4.0

Van Tai Pham


Chances, and challenges always are created in the fourth industrial revolution that has never faced in the past. Changing and renewing are necessary unless enterprises will come out of “playground†of the fourth industrial revolution. Currently, the navigational field, which has not been outside the “playgroundâ€, has suffered from numerous challenges. Although the possible advantages of marine industry only include the seaport system and government support, the challenges and barriers are the majority. Labor, database management, digital technologies, infrastructures, investment, and customer’s attractions are the existent trials of the maritime field. Improvement and renewing the educational program are compulsory. Furthermore, managing the database effectively is not easy. In Vietnam, the lack of synchronous infrastructures is also the enormous challenges of all industries in general and navigational field in particular. Moreover, the investment and customer attractions play the primary role to exist in the revolution. Some of the aspects of the maritime major in the fourth industrial revolution will be mentioned in the article. Also, supporting from Vietnam government as well as current challenges are thoroughly presented and analyzed to find the solutions for approaching the Industry 4.0. Among emerging challenges, the investment attraction, infrastructures, labor, database management, modern digital technology, and customer attraction may be considered as critical information for Vietnamese economy. Importantly, the challenges are analyzed to reveal that if these challenges can be transformed into the motivations, gaining achievements in 4.0 industrial revolution is not difficulty.


critical information; 4.0 industrial revolution; navigational field; the maritime industry.

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