Detecting Differential Item Functioning and Differential Test Functioning on Math School Final-exam

- Mansyur, - Muliana


This study aims at finding out the characteristics of Differential Item Functioning (DIF) and Differential Test Functioning (DTF) on school final-exam for Math subject based on Item Response Theory (ITR). The subjects of this study were questions and all of the students’ answer sheets chosen by using convenience sampling method and obtained 286 responses consisted of 147 male and 149 female students’ responses. The data of this study collected using documentation technique by quoting the response of Math school final-exam participants. The data analysis of this study was Item Response Theory approach with model 2P of Lord’s chi-square DIF method. This study showed that from 40 question items analysed theoretically using Item Response Theory (ITR), affected Differential Item Functioning (DIF) gender was ten items and affected DIF location (area) was 13 items. Meanwhile, Differential Test Functioning (DTF) was benefitted for female and least profitable to citizen.


School Final-exam; Differential Item Functioning (DIF); Differential Test Functioning (DTF); Item Response Theory (ITR)

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