Breadand Effervescent Beverage Productions with Local Microbes for the Local Revitalization

Manami Watanabe, Natsuki Uchida, Keiko Fujita, Tomoyuki Yoshino, Toshifumi Sakaguchi


Local microbes such as yeasts fungi and bacilli, were isolated and used to apply for the food processing (bread making) and the production of an effervescent beverage (fruits kvass) for promotion of the local revitalization. Our yeast isolates could contribute to make the breads that can sell in alocal bakery shop.  Furthermore, the same yeasts could be used for making the fruit kvass (a Russian effervescent beverage which was fermented by yeast) with local fruit products (lemon, dry grape, mandarin orange and apple that were produced in Hiroshima prefecture in Japan). Development of merchandise having the local brand, which was made with only products of Hiroshima prefecture was attempted. Results of these activities demonstrate that the search of local microbes can help to establish the regional brand product related to its local area. They also showed that the local microbes have the potential ability to lead the local revitalization and the local brand product.


Bread; Yeast; Effervescent Beverage (Fruit Kvass); Local Brand; Fermentation

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