3D Object Pose Estimation Using Chamfer Matching and Flexible CAD File Base

Dewi Mutiara Sari, Vina Wahyuni Eka Putranti


Estimating the object pose is an interesting topic in the industrial robotic vision field. By having an accurate result for detecting object pose, it means the system performs the task as the target in the bin-picking technique. The methods which are developed are varies widely. But the challenge for this paper is estimating a 3D object using mono camera accurately. The object which is used in this paper has the symmetric rotational shape, in this case is the sprayer. In this paper, the camera uses a tool from the Blender Software, such that the ground truth is measurable and it will be the reference for calculating the error. The applied algorithms of this paper are Border Line Extraction Algorithm utilized in the template generation step as the reference template, Directional Chamfer Matching for detecting the coarse pose, and Lavenberg-Marquardt Method to optimize the object pose result. The result achieves the average error of the coarse pose for x and y position (translation pose) are 2.05 mm and 0.71 mm. Meanwhile for the optimized pose, the average error for x and y position (translation pose) are 1.82 mm and 0.24 mm. Regarding the rotational pose, the average error of the rotational coarse pose with respect to x and z axis are 0.01 degree and 0.45 degree. Whereas the average error of the rotational optimized pose with respect to x and z axis are 2.88 degree and 0.82 degree.


3D object pose; borderline extraction; directional chamfer matching; optimized pose; robotic vision; industrial robotic.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.10.2.8336


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