Comparison of an Internal Combustion Engine Derating Operated on Producer Gas from Coal and Biomass Gasification

Muhammad Ade Andriansyah Efendi, - Nurhadi


Gasification is an effective and clean way to convert coal and biomass into useful fuels and chemical feedstocks. Producer gas utilization for internal combustion engine has been studied, not only from biomass gasification but also from coal gasification. This paper compares the research that has done author using coal gasification with other research results using biomass gasification. Coal gasifier performance test conducted with capacity of 20 kg/h coal. The proximate and ultimate analysis of raw coal, ash product and producer gas was conducted and comparised. The result of analysis shows that the efficiency of the coal gasification was 61% while range of gasifier efficiency for biomass is between 50-80%. Meanwhile, the experimental results on the performance of internal combustion engines using gas producer shows that the derating for power generation using coal producer gas was 46% and biomass was 20-50% depend on compression ratio of engine and characteristic of producer gas. 


Coal; Biomass; Gasification; Power Generation; Internal Combustion Engine.

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development