The Effect of Temporal EEG Signals While Listening to Quran Recitation

Azian Azamimi Abdullah, Zainab Omar


Human brain which is one of the most complex organic systems, involves billons of interacting physiological and chemical process that will give rise to experimentally observed neuroelectrical activity, which is called an electroencephalogram (EEG). Many researchers have investigated the effect of various events to the EEG signals such as meditation and classical music [1]-[3]. From their analysis result, they claimed that meditation and classical music can help  a  person  to be  in relaxing conditions. This study is performed in order to extend the research findings of the effect of religious activities to the human brain. EEG signals from subject at rests, as well as in different cognitive states; listening to Quran recitation and listening to hard music are measured and analysed. Statistical analysis using SPSS software is performed in order to test the validity of obtained data. The analysis results from this study show that listening to Quran recitation can  generate alpha wave and can  help a person always in relax condition compared with listening to hard rock music.


EEG; Quran Recitation; Alpha Wave

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