Application of Embryo Transfer Technology to Improve Fertility Using GnRH Plus Progesterone and Estradiol Combination (FTAI) of Local South Pesisir Cow in West Sumatra

Zaituni Udin, - Hendri, Masrizal Masrizal


The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of FTAI  on embryo production  that  used GnRH plus progesterone combination to synchronize ovulation of 3 different parity of donor from local pesisir cows  in west Sumatra. This study used timed embryo transfer program using GnRH plus progesterone combination in 3 local pesisir cows and 2 cows in time embryo program using estradiol plus progesterone of donor.  Ovarian ultrasonography was performed on d 0 (time of AI) and at flushing to determine ovulatory diameter and ovulation. On d 0 at the time CIDR implant + PGF2α injection and on d 7 started ovsynch protocol  administrated by injection GnRH and FSH for FTAI without detection estrus. The number and the quality of embryo was evaluated to determine the fertility of pesisir selatan cows. The result showed that the expression of estrus cows tend to high ovulation rate. The diameter size of a follicle was range from 5 to 15 mm with 10.67±2.96 mm in GnRH plus progesterone and 5 to 14 mm with mean was 8.75±2.05 mm in estradiol plus progesterone (P<0.005). The number of follicle ovulation was 27 in treatment A and 18 in treatment B (P<0.05). The number of CL and embryos was higher in treatment A.  CL was 19, with 18 embryos and in treatment B was 9 with 6 embryos. The quality of embryo range from 1-4 grade with the transferable embryos was higher in treatment A than treatment B (P<0.05). There was the linear regression between ovular follicle, CL and number of embryos recovery of local pesisir cows.  It was concluded that equal numbers of embryos and transferable embryo  by using  GnRH plus progesterone combination  of local pesisir cows.


embryo transfer; FTAI; synchronization; ovulation.

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