Morphological Pattern Based Approach for Trademark Retrieval

Ranjeet Kumar, Ramesh Chandra Tripathi, Murli Dhar Tiwari


In the current scenario of the economic developments in the world market and growth in the international trade practices, Trademark registration is becoming a critical issue. The number of company and brand is increasing day by day and they all demand a trademark registration for same trade both in the home country as well as in foreign markets. In this paper we propose an invariant approach to break the character and shape of the trademark (logo or design) to capture the shape and related attributes therein to build an efficient trademark retrieval tool. We create the input image in a negative image format for ignoring the background and objects reverse intensities values. The paper illustrates the morphological opening approach for removing the very small objects which can be acting as a noise. The paper also proposes how the extracted images from the trademark database will be matched further for similar input trademarks on the basis of trademark retrieval process from the database.


Image trademark retrieval; Image extraction and matching; Morphological patterns and similarity checking etc

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development