Determinants of Profitability of Sweet Potato Production in Camarines Sur, Philippines

Ma. Teresa B Lirag


Sweet potato has found its niche in the global market and is now outpacing other primary staple foods not only because of its desirability for human consumption but as an immediate source of income as well. A study was conducted to examine the factors affecting the profitability of sweet potato production in Camarines Sur, Philippines. Purposive sampling technique was used to select the 108 farmer-respondents. A structured questionnaire and focused group discussion were used as main tools for gathering data. Frequency counts, weighted means and percentages were used to describing and analyzing the socio-demographic data. Cost and return analysis and return on investment were used to determine the profitability of sweet potato production. The factors affecting the profitability of sweet potato production were also evaluated using multiple regression analysis. Results revealed that sweet potato production is generally profitable with the high financial return of 144% to farmers, or a net income of Php 48,400.00 pesos per hectare. There exist a positive relationship between income and farm size, labor input cost, cost of other inputs and access to buyers but inverse relationship exist between income and years of experience and tenurial status. Furthermore, farm size and cost of other inputs are significant variables that contribute to the increase in income. Recommendations include stabilizing the pricing system for sweet potato through the formation of production clusters to improve their market opportunities; provision of seminars and workshops on product development; provision of subsidies on agricultural inputs to reduce the cost of production; provision of basic and high-technology infrastructure; and establishment of an information network on the agricultural market.


sweet potato production; market channel; profitability; cost and return analysis; return on investment.

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