Artificial Neural Network Based Fault Diagnosis of a Pulley-Belt Rotating System

Alaa Abdulhady Jaber, Khalid Mohsin Ali


Rotating machines are widely used in various industrial fields. Hence, an unexpected stoppage due to, for example, bad operating conditions or manufacturing error, has safety implications along with economic considerations. In this research, a fault detection system for a pulley-belt rotating system is developed and then different faults simulated in a test rig are investigated. Vibration signal monitoring is utilized since it represents a reliable approach for fault recognition in rotating machinery. Time-domain signal analysis technique is applied to extract some indicative features, such as root mean square, kurtosis and skewness. An artificial neural network (ANN) model is developed to detect the simulated faults. However, in addition to the machine healthy condition five fault types, such as unbalance in the driving pulley, wear in the belt and pulleys misalignment, have been simulated in the test rig. Two MEMS accelerometers (ADXL335), interfaced to Arduino MEGA 2560 as a data acquisition device, are used for vibration amplitude measurement. LabVIEW, which is a graphical programming software, is utilized to develop a signal capturing, analysis and feature extraction system. The result showed the effectiveness of the developed system in detection of different fault types in the pulley-belt system.


fault diagnosis; artificial neural network; pulley-belt system; LabVIEW; arduino.

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