Bridging Food Security and Agriculture Development through Regional Planning

Melinda Noer


For years, food security and sustainable agriculture development intensively being discussed individually or simultaneously from many point of views and aspects, and both definitely have integrations. However, it is commonly found that they are being implemented separately. This paper is arguing that food security and sustainable agriculture must be brought into spatial and a spatial development approach within the regional planning thought. Regional planning is a kind of communicative planning process which will bridge the objectives of food security to the sustainable agriculture development, either as a public policy or its implementation. Food as human basic needs and sustainable agriculture as a development concept to fulfil human basic needs, desire regional planning that will communicate both objectives. So, the deviation between public policy and its implementation can be shortened, at the global, regional, or local level. Indonesia and West Sumatra regional context will be some cases which will be elaborated to reach the objective of this paper.


Keywords—food security, agriculture development, sustainable, regional planning

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development