Characteristics of High Protein Snackbar Made of Modified Sweet Potato Flour

Marleen Sunyoto, Robi Andoyo, Euis Masitoh


MOSEP (Modified Sweet Potato) flour that made of sweet potato is potentially used as an emergency food due to its high content of carbohydrate. Snack bar becomes an option of emergency food form because practical in its preparation and serving. Mung beans flour and commercial WPC (whey protein concentrate) were added to produce a new food product that high in protein content of at least 10 – 15% to meet emergency food requirements. The objective of the study was to obtain a proper formulation between MOSEP composite flour and mung beans flour by adding 5% commercial WPC in the making of snack bar emergency food. The method used in the study was Randomized Block Design consisting of four treatments and three repetitions. The treatments were the ratio of MOSEP flour: mung beans flour, 70:30; 65:35; 60:40 and 55:45. Results showed that the best formulation was the treatment of MOSEP flour: Mung beans flour 55:45, having characteristics of 13.96% protein content, 3.45% raw fiber, 120.23 kkal/30 gram calorific value, 2255.93-gF hardness, 94.53% rendement and organoleptic tests of preference, color, flavor, and aroma were accepted.


formulation; MOSEP; protein; sweet potato; modified sweet potato.

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