Combining ABC and VED Analysis for Managing Medicine Inventory (Case Study at Community Development Elderly in Indonesia)

Fitra Lestari, - Ulfah, - Suherman, Budi Azwar, Prima Fithri


Community development elderly is a community managed by the non-government organization (NGO) with obtaining the funding from several sources involving government, donations and own community. Currently, there are many activities related to physical fitness for elderly people such as gymnastics, physical leisure activities, and other social activities. Nevertheless, older adults have many threats of illness that could have appeared suddenly. Thus, it needs a series of activities to prevent the emergence of disease. This study aims to determine appropriate programs of older adults based on illness complaints through analyzing the medicine inventory. This study combined ABC and VED analysis of inventory model in supporting healthcare consulting services for a community development elderly in Indonesia. The application ABC analysis found some item from three categories consisting category A of 33 items, category B of 26 items and Category C of 26 items. Then, VED analysis classification of medicine into seven items of Vital, 12 items of Essential and 12 items of Desirable.  Thus, the result of a healthcare consulting service was obtained that older adults needed 31 types of medicines.  The finding of this study also showed that the high frequency of illness complaints from older adults related to problems of Neurological, Hypertension, and Musculoskeletal. The implication of this study proved that the community development elderly must consider providing the priority programs of healthcare consulting services focus on three main problems of older adults. Further study is suggested to implement safety stock and reorder point for providing medicine inventory.


ABC; elderly; inventory; medicine; VED.

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