Test Case Minimization Applying Firefly Algorithm

Nor Laily Hashim, Yasir Salman Dawood


The objective of this study is to propose a test case minimization method performed on UML statechart to produce test cases that are optimal while considering higher coverage criteria. Current test case generation techniques consume a large amount of time and cost with less testing coverage, while generating large number or test cases, what results in difficulties in detecting the faults and errors in the tested systems. Many approaches on test case minimization use genetic algorithms, model checking, or graph search algorithms to reduce the number of generated test cases, also the using of UML diagrams to test the system requirements and design before implementing it in the coding phase. However, these studies lack concentration in achieving higher coverage criteria and minimization in the generated test cases in the same time. The proposed test case minimization method has the following steps: provide weight to the paths, calculate path coverage for each path, transform an immediate graph into an adjacency matrix, which later is used to apply firefly algorithm and generate optimal test cases. A review on of the previous similar research in this domain has been presented and analysed to identify the issues and gaps in this domain. The steps use to perform the test case minimization have been presented together with some example and formula used. Findings from this study shows that this test case minimization has successful covered more types of test coverage which are all state, all transition, all transition pairs and all-one-loop paths. At the same time, it is capable of minimizing the number of test cases.


test case minimization; firefly algorithm; UML statechart.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.8.4-2.6820


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