The Semantic Portal for Supporting Research Community: a Review

Rahmat Hidayat, Yazrina Yahya, Shahrul Azman Mohd Noah


Current state of the art of typical search engines like Google, Yahoo and others are delivering references in terms of web URL or links to the related website. As such the results did not deliver the right answers required to the users needs. In addition to that as soon as the users require a collection of the information obtained, these search engines failed to do so resulting in the human intervention in-combining the information from several sources. Due ot the advancement and the vast number of sites and information on the web, demands in providing higher precision results are required to aid users in obtaining the most relevant result to the search process. One of the promising areas of the Semantic Web is enhancing the query capabilities for information. Small vertical vocabularies and ontologies have emerged, and the community of people using these and generating data is growing daily. However queries or search mechanisms that utilizea the vasrt amount of vocabularies, ontologies and data in digital libraries is still very much lacking. Therefore searching over heteregoneous records, data in digital library community or the Web has become a well known problem to the mass public. As such a solution is needed for a federated search across multiple resources available. However it remains unclear on how Semantic Web or its technology is used in constructing a digital library system or aid in enhancing the quality of the search results performed. This leads to the current work proposed, as work will be conducted to provide possible components that will construct the semantic web portal. The work performed is essential to facilitate semantic searches for research community in large-scale distributed digital library system. The subject research community is chosen particularly to aid in ensuring hat result obtained are accordingly to the users relevant needs. The expected outcomes of the research are an architecture that utilizes the semantic technology that will promote semantic web portal in the digital library and a semantic search mechanism that will provide better results and a combination of useful results relevant to the users.


research community; semantic portal; semantic search engine; ontology

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