Techno-economic Performance of Trimmer of Shallot Dry Leaves

- Andasuryani, - Santosa, Hadi Indra Saputra, Alhapen Ruslin Chandra


While post-harvesting of shallot, the commodity should be released out its dried leaves to make the bulbs became clean prior to be marketed or stored. Post-harvest activities usually did manually using a knife with a working capacity of ± 10 kg / hour per person. In order to improve work capacity, this research conducted to develop a trimmer of dried leaves of shallot bulbs and evaluate the performance of the machine technically and economically. The observation parameter used to evaluate the performance of the machines was trimming output capacity, percentage of trimming, percentage of leaves which were not trimmed, impurities, and loss.  Meanwhile, the parameter used for the economic evaluation was cost of trimming.  Functionally, the machine that has been developed could trim the dried leaves of shallot with output capacity was 134.38 ± 5.18 kg / hour, trimming percentages was 70.80 ± 0.81%, percentage of leaves which were not trimmed was 19.58%, impurities was 8.10%, and loss was 1.52%.  The cost of trimming was IDR 73.47 / kg lower than the cost of manual trimming IDR 500 / kg.


dried leaves; output capacity; performance; shallot; trimmer

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development