The Chitinase Activity in Banana Seedling that Induce by Trichoderma spp as Resistance Responce to Fusarium Oxyporum f.sp.cubense

- Nurbailis, - Mardinus, Nasril Nasir, Abdi Dharma, Trimurti Habazar


An experiment was conducted to study the chitinase activities of banana seedling that induced by Trichoderma spp. The experiment consisted of two parts: 1. Testing chitinase activity in banana seedlings induced by Trichodernia spp., Using a factorial in a completely randomized design with two factors: a. types of inducers (biomass, liquid culture and filtrate), b. Isolates of Trichoderma spp. (T. Koningii-S6sh, T. Viride-T1sk, T.harzianum-P4sh and control.) with 4 replications. Parameters measured were, the specific activity of the chitinase enzyme were detected in stems, leaves and roots of banana seedlings. 2. Testing of several types of inducers of Trichoderma spp. in inducing resistance in banana seedlings to Foc, together with the study design 1. Parameters measured were: incubation period, the percentage of symptomatic leaves and percentage discoloration of vessels. Result showed that 1. Liquid culture of induser  T. Viride -T1sk and T. koningii-S6sh and biomass of T. koningii-s6sh and T. harzianum-P4sh were effective in increasing  the specific activity of chitinase enzyme on banana seedling. The increase the amount specific activity of chitinase enzyme on banana seedling tissues by liquid culture of T. viride- T1sk 346% and 131,32% by T. koningii could be  suppress fusarium wilt desease on banana seedling.



Trichoderma spp; Fusarium oxysporum f.sp; cubense; chitinase enzymes; induced resistance

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