The Effect of Microwave-NaOH Pretreatment and Hydrolysis Enzyme Using Trichoderma reesei-Aspergillus niger on Rice Straw Bioethanol Production

Bambang Dwi Argo, Yusuf Hendrawan, Dewi Maya Maharani, Angky Wahyu Putranto, Sri Winarsih


The process of bioethanol production from rice straw consists of two steps: (1) conversion of cellulose into simple sugars which is conducted by using microwave-NaOH pretreatment and straw hydrolysis using mold catalyst T.reesei and A. niger; and (2) fermentation of simple sugars into ethanol. In a microwave-NaOH pretreatment process has been obtained the best value content of cellulose in straw size of 100 mesh and a long exposure of 40 minutes for 72.70+1:10%. Crude cellulase enzyme activity of T.reesei isolation, A.niger and it mixtures were optimum at temperature of 50°C. The addition of crude enzyme from A.niger and T.reesei on a comparison of 1: 2 (v/v) was able to increase the yield of the rice straw cellulose hydrolysis which is produces sugar at 12.89 mg/ml (1.29% w/v) or 0.15% (w/v) when converted into ethanol. The glucose yield from rice straw was 25.47% with 3% ethanol.


bioethanol; pretreatment; T.reesei; A. niger

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