Intelligent Interactive Multimedia by Converging the Intention of Spectator and Multimedia Creator

Seow Hooi Tan, Chee Onn Wong, Choo Yee Ting


In this research, we propose a new approach on how human and technology interact with each other. Here, by enhancing the current HCI framework, it will enable interaction between human and technology become more effective and ideally. The aim of this research is to create an Intelligent Interactive Multimedia by converging the intention of spectator and multimedia creator. Several methods are proposed to achieve the conception of Intelligent Interactive Multimedia. Digital Drawing Block is the interactive multimedia with the initial intention of multimedia creator and it forms an interaction with spectator. Spectator intention has been categorized into four common categories, additionally, five features of hand gesture recognition is proposed to deduce the spectator intention. All these five features will be captured by the web-cam during the spectator’s interaction with the Digital Drawing Block. Moreover, captured features will be sent to the machine learning for analyzing. Proposed user models are to assist the machine learning to evaluate the most appropriate category of human behaviour which matches the spectator actual intention. Lastly, graphic that represents spectator intention will be generated together with the initial intention of multimedia creator. The new creation from spectator and multimedia creator will be displayed through the Digital Drawing Block. The conception of Intelligent Interactive Multimedia can represent as 70%'s effort of Multimedia Creator + 30%'s effort of spectator.


Human Computer Interaction; Interactive Multimedia; Intelligent; User Modelling; Bayesian Network; Human Behaviour

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