A Liturgical Relation with the Spatial Configuration and Architectural Form of The Catholic Church

Rudy Trisno, Fermanto Lianto


The phenomenon of the Catholic church after the Second Vatican Council has lost the expression of its sacred form. This study aims to trace the liturgical relation with the spatial configuration of the architecture form from the Catholic Church to get the Ideogram and Godly symbol that will influence the form of architecture of the Catholic Church and can be used as the interpretation of the case studies. The methodology used in this study is firstly, describing liturgical activities associated with the sacred form approach from Eliade, Hoffman, Jones, Barrie, and Martasudjita to trace the sacred concept of the functions of the liturgy and relate it with the anatomical approach of the floor from Salura. Secondly, obtain a reference to the spatial configuration and reference to the architectural form of the Catholic Church. The aim of all these approaches is to obtain the spatial aspect configuration and form aspects. The findings of the spatial configuration or Ideogram and form of Catholic Church architecture are the Godly symbols, as well as the framework for the interpretation of case studies. The results conclude that the Catholic Church form is a symbol of divinity and Ideogram. Thus, if the scope of the environment, tread, building, and figure corresponds to the aspect of reference in creating sacred value, then the architecture of the Catholic church assumable radiating a sacred expression.


catholic church; godly symbol; ideogram; sacred interpretation; spatial configuration.

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