User Interface Design, Standards & Guidelines for Web Applications Based on Human Personality Types

Kasthuri Subaramaniam, Oras F. Baker, Nael Kabbany


This paper discusses the standards and guidelines of user interface features in web-based applications for the different personality types of people. An overview of human computer interaction and human  personality types is described. LEONARD, Let’s Explore our personality type based on Openness (O), Neutral (N), Analytical (A), Relational (R) and Decisive (D) is the model used to determine the different personality types for this study. The purpose is to define user personality profiles and to establish guidelines for the graphical user interface. The personality inventory and a user interface questionnaire were administered to university students. Interview sessions were also conducted and parts of the interviews with the university students were used to validate the results obtained from the questionnaires. The analysis of the students' personality types identified five main groups. The results suggest that users do have definable expectations concerning the features of web applications. This profile served as basis for the guidelines of web features for the graphical user interface design for the particular user groups.


human personality types; user profiling; user interface; web applications; web-design guidelines

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