Family Health Care Mandailing Community (Study of Nuritional Status Among Pregnant Mother)

Siti Zahara Nasution


In Indonesia, the Central Bureau of Statistics of North Sumatra Province (2011), estimates that in 2010 the infant mortality rate of 24.5 per 1,000 live births. This figure decreased when compared to the previous year at 26.90 per 1,000 live births. There are several factors influencing the reduction in infant mortality, among others, the availability of various facilities or accessibility factors and health services from skilled medical personnel and the willingness of people to change the traditional life to the norm of modern life in the field of health .this study  aims to explore how families with Mandailing culture care for pregnant mother in in term of nutritional support. Informants in this study are mandailing  Natal community. This study found that If there are health workers or health care in they place, pregnant mother will come to check  their condition and their nutritional status at health workers during childbirth although later they are more happy assisted by traditional birth attendants or village shaman, it can reduce the complications or problems that  the pregnant women who will ultimately reduce maternal mortality and infant mortality rate. Mandailing Natal society is a society that is not closed to new information, the community here is relatively easy in receiving information or a new thing, it's just that sometimes less precise methods of delivery that makes people not obey the things delivered. To improve community health status Mandailing Natal especially pregnant mother and childbirth it is advisable: That the government is aggressively disseminating health programs so that the public is more familiar with the health programs in a way reproduce health workers, especially midwives who will assist communities in improving the health of pregnant mothers especially in term of their nutrition and health services in Mandailing Natal to be more proactive in providing community especially related  information to the health of pregnant mothers.


family care; mandailing culture; nutritional status; pregnancy

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