Identification of Coffee Fruit Consumption Based Mongoose Age

Ifmalinda Ifmalinda


Methods of captive breeding of civet coffee is one solution to increase the production of civet coffee. The survey results into captivity writer Pangalengan mongoose in Bandung, age mongoose kept ranging between 1-4 years and male and female. In the case of feeding the coffee fruit, maintainer civet civet usually gives to each weighing about 3 kg feed. The amount of feed given is not all consumed mongoose. Until now there has been no regulation or standard amount of feed weight by age mongoose. The research aims to determine the amount of feed weight based age civet coffee fruit. The method used was completely randomized factorial design. The results showed no difference in the level of consumption of red fruit for civet coffee 2 years old and 4 years old mongoose namely the age of 4 years (771.67) g higher than 2 years old mongoose (642.94) g. Differences in the level of consumption of coffee berries are dark red to civet age 2 years and 4 years old mongoose mongoose ie 4 years of age (1183.50) g higher than the age of 2 years mongoose (668.89) g. Age 2 years the level of consumption of civet coffee berries are red and dark red there is no difference. The level of consumption of civet age of 4 years for coffee cherries red and dark red there is a difference, namely civet 4 years old consume more coffee berries are dark red.


civet coffee; consumption of civet; age mongoose; mongoose; coffee

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