Harmonics Impact a Rising Due to Loading and Solution ETAP using the Distribution Substation Transformer 160 kVA at Education and Training Unit in PT PLN

Nasrul Nasrul, Firmansyah Firmansyah


Harmonics is a result of the progress of the use of non-linear loads are used in homes and offices. On the other hand, the energy crisis triggered the increased use of Energy Saving Lamps (LHE), Computer, electronic power equipment that is the cause of harmonics that can interfere with the electrical distribution system including Distribution Transformer (TGD). By performing measurements in the TGD, it is known the existence of harmonic currents which can increase the losses on the TGD. In the measurements made on the TGD Education and Training Unit Lubuk Alung capacity of 160 kVA obtained that influence THDi (Total Harmonic Distortion) currents in the TGD (6.57%) while according to the standard (4%). Shrinkage of 1.22 years of age transformer (4.067%). By using ETAP simulation active capacitor installation of 60 KVAR and 1500 mH obtained THD decline to 8% by neutral currents down to 12 A. From the simulation results ETAP effective current of each phase down 6% while the neutral current down 64%. Transformer derating of these conditions can be avoided and the use of the load can be increased. The impact of harmonics on transformer resulting in transformer losses increased from 3,755 kW to 3.775 kW. The increase in transformer losses (0.16 %) led to decreased work efficiency transformer. This resulted in a decrease in the capacity of the transformer.


Harmonics; Neutral currents transformer; ETAP; Electrical Transient Analysis Program

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.5.6.603


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