Data Privacy Framework on Multi Check-out Timestamp Order for Secured Transaction in Mobile Network

Byambasuren Byamba, Su-Cheng Haw


Data transaction over distri uted network has gained much attention in the database communities since the last decade, especially in terms of security support. There are several data privacy models for mobile computing such as Data Encryption Standard, Skipjack, RC5 and so on. Most of the cipher algorithms are designed for huge data size of encryption and decryption processes. Therefore, a suitable secure cipher algorithm is needed if the encryption and decryption is merely for small amount of data such as in the mobile database environment. In this paper, we discuss on the five well-known symmetric key cryptographic ciphers and propose a framework for the security model on top of Multi Check-out Timestamp Order (MCTO) data transaction model.


Mobile database security; symmetric cryptography; distributed database privacy; cryptographic cipher

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