Development of Jackfruit Crackers: Effects of Starch Type and Jackfruit Level

Nor Afizah Mustapha, Fatin Farhanah Binti Rahmat, Wan Zunairah Wan Ibadullah, Anis Shobirin Meor Hussin


Crackers are one of the convenient and inexpensive snacks that have high market potential.  Most of the commercial crackers are carbohydrate-rich and normally considered as a low value-added product.  In this study, innovative value added crackers made of jackfruit were developed.  The effect of starches (sago and cassava) and levels of jackfruit (30 and 50%, w/w) on characteristics of the crackers were investigated.  Physicochemical properties of the products at each predetermined processing steps (steaming, drying and frying); bulk density, expansion ratio, color and carotenoid contents were measured.  A decrease in jackfruit level resulted in crackers with lower bulk density (0.26 to 0.41 g/cm3) and higher volume expansion ratio (2.84 to 4.66 cm3).  Blending the cassava and sago starch at 1:1 ratio resulted in lower bulk density and higher expansion ratio compared to crackers made with a single type of starch.  The L* and b* values decreased with drying and frying process, indicative of Maillard reactions.  The higher L* value was influenced by the starch content, while higher jackfruit led increased the b* values, attributed to the presence of pigments in the fruit.  Total carotenoid contents of fried crackers increased following steaming process, ranging from 0.061 to 0.199 mg/100g and samples made with blend of sago and cassava has the highest carotenoid contents.  A jackfruit level of 30% (w/w) made with blend of sago and cassava starches (1:1) produced fried crackers with the most acceptable physicochemical characteristics.  Crackers with improved nutritional value can be developed by incorporating jackfruit, thus expanding the conventional use of the fruit.


Jackfruit; sago starch; cassava starch; expansion ratio; carotenoids

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development