The Role of Nutritional Status, Age, Genetic Factors, and Lifestyle on the Hypertension Prevalence among Community in Indonesian Coastal Area

Rina Amelia, Juliandi Harahap


Hypertension is one of cardiovascular disease which has the highest mortality rate. This study aims to determine the risk factors of hypertension among the community in the coastal area of Medan Labuhan in Medan city, Indonesia. The study population was the population who live in the coastal area of Medan Labuhan district in Medan City. The number of participants in this study was 108 people recruited by continuous and consecutive sampling method.  Assessment of nutritional status was based on body mass index (BMI) that calculated from the body weight and height which measured at the same day of the interview; blood pressure measurements were performed twice with a 5-minute interval by using a calibrated blood pressure meter.  The assessment of smoking habits, coffee consumption, consumption of fruits and vegetables, physical activity, and mental stress was using a valid and reliable questionnaire. The data analysis was using the chi-square test with SPSS computer program. The confidence interval was 95%, and a p-value of <0.05 was considered significant. This study found significant relationships between hypertension with a genetic factor, smoking habits, regular consuming coffee, fruits, and vegetable consumption, and less physical activity (p<0,05). Based on this study, the health practitioner mainly family doctors could conduct health promotions that could improve the awareness of society on prevention of hypertension, they also conduct a proper regular treatment of hypertension especially community in the coastal area, because they have more risks become hypertension.


the risk of hypertension; nutritional status; age; genetic factors; coastal area.

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