Antibacterial activities of the extracts of Mimosa pudica L. an in-vitro study

Nguyen Thi Le Thoa, Pham Cam Nam, Dang Minh Nhat


Mimosa pudica L., also called sensitive plant or touch-me-not, belongs to the genus Mimosa (Family: Mimosaceae). This plant grows as a weed in nearly every parts of Vietnam and is used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of some diseases. This study aims to evaluate the antibacterial activity of the water and ethanol extracts of this plant by using disc diffusion method. The total flavonoid as quercetin equivalent (QE) per gram (dry weight) of these two extracts was also estimated. The result of tests for in-vitro antibacterial activity indicates that the ethanol extract showed significant activity against E.coli, S.aureus, B.subtilis and S.typhi with the zone of inhibition was 11mm, 19mm, 17mm and 16mm respectively. The water extract only inhibited the growth of S.aureus (14mm) and B.subtilis (15mm) and there was no resistance against E.coli and S.typhi. The analysis of total flavonoid content found that the ethanol extract contains higher amount of flavonoid than water extract and flavonoid is responsible mainly for the antibacterial activity of Mimosa pudica L.


Mimosa pudica L.; antibacterial; inhibition zone; E.coli; S.aureus; B.subtilis and S.typhi; flavonoids

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